What's New In Revit Architecture 2015?

Revit Architecture 2015Every year Autodesk releases an array of Revit software for specific markets including Architecture, Structure and MEP and this year is no exception but with a vast range of new features just for the 2015 editions.

In this post I will be talking you through just some of the features that can be found in Revit Architecture 2015.

The platform for Architecture has been enhanced with the addition of sketchy lines which allows you to apply hand-sketched graphic style to the current view or define the settings in a view template to apply the style to multiple views for a soft hand drawing look.Revit Architecture Sketchy Lines

To improve the appearance of these sketchy lines in a view you can now utilise supplementary tools such as Anti-Aliasing to smooth the lines as well as the Ray Trace interactive rendering visual style. This utility has been improved to allow you to provide a faster, higher quality, smoother rendering, improved colour accuracy and improved shadows with all backgrounds.

In terms of your documentation tools, Autodesk have developed the schedules and material takeoffs so that you can now include Base Constraint, Base Offset, Top Constraint, Top Offset and Unconnected Height.

With your schedules you can now add a visual aspect to convey graphical information for element instance or type. After working on you active view on a sheet, you can now double-click outside of the view to deactivate the view and then display the viewport.

Revit Architecture AssembyAs for assembly code settings within Revit you can now specify the assembly code fine to use for assigning a Uniformat code to the Assembly Code type property of model elements which you can now store this file on a local server or remote server.

In terms of the use of IFC files in Revit, with 2015 you can now link an IFC file with your current Revit project which can later be changed and then the project reloaded which results in the project updates to reflect the changes. When opening your IFC file you can specify whether elements just automatically or not.

When working with parameters in Revit 2015 you will notice thaRevit Architecture Revisionst you are given more flexibility in how you use them. If you wish to turn off/on hidden lines for an entire view you are able to do this independent of what discipline your view is set to – so it gives Structural and MEP users the option.

You are probably used to revising the documentation on your projects but you'll notice when you start to work in the latest version of Revit you have much control of changes. You now have the ability to delete revisions, use draw tools to point out changes and specify the minimum arc length for revision clouds in a project.

As you can see there is a vast array of mew features that have been added and enhanced within Revit Architecture to allow you make the most out of your software, experience new tools and become more competitive. To discuss upgrading or buying a new seat of Revit 2015 call us today on 023 8086 8947 or request a quote.

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