What's New in the Autodesk Inventor 2018.2 update

As we know from time to time Autodesk bring out product updates for subscription customers, and the Autodesk Inventor 2018.2 update is here, with a great selection of fixes and brand new features.

All you have to do to get started is install 2018.2 from your Autodesk Desktop App, and you will immediately gain access to all of these great features and more:

Users will be delighted to see that 2018.2 marks the return of the much improved Measuring Enhancements tool, which is the powerful function for accumulating measurement values. Watch the short video below for an overview of this feature:

The new function Import Fusion 360 (.f3d) files as an AnyCAD reference Model will maintain a link to the reference model, which will allow you to monitor and update as changes are made. This will allow you to use Fusion 360 data in Inventor and vice versa, an important step towards simpler workflows.

inventor 2018.2 2

If you open a part file or an assembly with missing references to AnyCAD files, the Resolve Missing AnyCAD reference dialog box will display as it does with missing references to part files, so you can search for the files to resolve the links.

Furthermore, if you use skip unresolved reference, the unresolved reference icon will display at the top of your browser. Right click on the top node and you can select resolve file which will open up the above mentioned dialog.

inventor 2018.2 3

With the previous versions, you could specify unfold rules for features in a body, but you could never sync all features to use the same rule. You can now use the Sheet metal sync unfold rule for all features.

Right click on the solid body in the browser and select sync unfold rule, and then in the dialog box select the rule for all features and select OK.

inventor 2018.2 4

The ground and root component command which grounded moved and used flush constraints to ground the selected component to the assembly origin folder has been renamed as simply Ground and root. The command will now open a dialog box, which offers three options:

inventor 2018.2 5

• Ground at origin, which moves, grounds and aligns the selected component to the origin of the assembly file.
• Create origin flush constraints, to apply flush constraints from the component origin to the assembly origin.
• Reposition to the top of the browser, to reposition the component to the top of the assembly browser.

You can now use the added sketch visibility icon on the mini toolbar when selecting a face on a component.

inventor 2018.2 6

iLogic Autocomplete has been added in the rule editor, and is now available for the following:

• Inventor parameters
• ilogic objects and functions
• Inventor API objects
• .NET objects

inventor 2018.2 7

A drop-down list of properties and methods displays after you enter “.” Begin typing after entering “.” and the autocomplete displays the available selections.

ilogic syntax colouring means you can use the options tab in the rule editor to set the colour scheme - you can select modern or classic.

inventor 2018.2 8

You can now edit and quick edit suppressed constraints. Right click on the suppressed constraint and select edit or modify, or left click on the suppressed constraint to quick edit.

inventor 2018.2 9

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