What’s New Inventor 2017 – Overview

It’s that time of the year again when Autodesk release their industry leading design tools and in manufacturing we have the eagerly anticipated Autodesk Inventor 2017.

Inventor 2017 is available now through the Autodesk Product Design Collection and we at Graitec have taken a look at some of the new features included in this year’s release.

This first blog post will take a brief look at what’s new in inventor 2017; we will then follow up with additional blog posts from sales and our technical experts which will focus on specific features new to 2017.

What’s the focus in 2017?3 Focuses Blog

Autodesk’s Inventor 2017 contains a multitude of new features, with many of the new features focusing on:

• Enhancements to core design tools
• Improved interoperability
• Integrated communication capabilities

Design Enhancements

Sketch - New 3D sketch and constraints to speed up sketch process

3D Sketch


- Curve and point guide rail support for boundary patches & angle option for ruled surfaces.


Part Creation
- A new Feature Relationships tool that allows you to identify parent and child relationships, select and edit features.

Part Creation

Multiple patterning enhancements
– Pattern Sketch, ifeature pattern support for multibody, fixed orientation for circular patterns.

Circular Pattern Multibody Pattern

Assembly cross part references – Identify cross part references within assemblies, open references, & identify path to reference.

Sketch-driven patterning for assemblies – pattern components from sketches.

Assembly Mesh Support – Constrain mesh components, include in clash detection.

Shape Generator – Design lightweight components more efficiently

Shape Generator







Drawings Enhancements

• Jagged cut edges in section views
• Rectangular balloon style
• Default link setting in options dialog box
• Automatic text wrapping and other formatting enhancements
• Background text color options
• Ability to directly open a part from drawing parts list

Assembly part relationships assembly definition








Sheet Metal Enhancements

• Expanded defer options
• Improved flat pattern warnings
• Individually control punch reps
• New corner relief options

Tube & Pipe Enhancements

• Find in Browser enabled within routes.
• Support for intermediate point creation on flexible hoses with fittings.
• Improved visual feedback for flexible hose violations.
• Resizable tube and pipe authoring and tube and pipe styles dialogs.

Guided Tutorial – New and improved guided tutorials. Download, Install, and track tutorial progress.

User Interface Enhancements

• Improved management of Environment and Lighting styles.
• 4K Monitor Support
• Configurable shortcuts for visibility, transparency, routed systems commands.
• Transparency toggle switch in assembly mode

Interoperability Improvements

AnyCAD Enhancements

• Improved multithread support on import
• Associative step support
• DWG Underlay crop

Mesh Handling – Measure meshes, project mesh, convert mesh to surface.







Communication Capabilities

Inventor connected designs – Collaborate anywhere on any device. Direct feedback within inventor.

Connected Design












Presentation Enhancements

• Create quick animations
• Create snapshots for quick drawing use or image output
• Timeline panel for quick and easy editing of sequences and movements.








3D PDF Publishing
– Exports designs include design view representations, model properties and attachments.








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