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If you have a current Autodesk Subscription you're probably aware of the many benefits the Subscription Centre has to offer.

You may have heard all about the possibilities of rendering in the cloud with Autodesk 360 rendering, flexible licencing rights and the introduction of cloud credits.

Even if you haven't it's never too late.

Listed below are some of the value adding tools available when you purchase a Subscription via Autodesk.

Autodesk 360 usage report
Relatively new to the Subscription Centre is the ability to monitor productivity via the Autodesk 360 services usage report. You can now see who has access to what licences and how many cloud credits are available per contract, making it easier for you to monitor your business needs.

Increased Cloud Storage
By purchasing a subscription to your Autodesk product you automatically get access to an increased level of cloud storage, increasing from 5GB to 25GB per seat – meaning you can take advantage of a more flexible workflow with better access to your designs via web or mobile applications.

Improved software downloads
With improved download methods you can now access your software even faster from the Subscription Center. You can choose from one of the following three options, depending on which one fits your IT infrastructure.


Flexible licencing rights
Working when and where you want is more important than ever. By taking advantage of the Subscription Centres flexible licensing benefits you can tailor your software to work the way you do.

You can work with both previous and current versions of your software, should the situation arise, as well as being able to install your software on both your home and office computers.

You can even utilise your licence outside the country of purchase for up to 90 days.


The Latest Software
Possibly the best and most predominant function of subscription is the ability to stay current by having immediate access to the latest software releases and product enhancements.

It’s far more cost-effective, convenient and up-to-date than continually upgrading your licences, which means you can manage a predictable budget and won't be stung by the costs of upgrades.

Work in the Cloud
You can work more effectively by extending your desktop with the power of cloud services.

With an Autodesk subscription, for stand-alone products or suites, you get access to a variety of 360 cloud-based services such as rendering, optimisation, and analysis.

By accessing this functionality in the cloud you can save significant time in your design process, enabling you to work more efficiently.

Cloud Credits
Cloud credits are required to perform certain tasks in Autodesk 360, such as creating a rendering or running a simulation.

Subscription customers receive 100 cloud credits per licence, for every year of subscription purchased, and their allocation is flat across all products and suites excluding Autodesk LT products.

For more information visit our Subscription Support page or simply contact us on 023 8086 8947.