Why Advance Steel Users Should Be Using Copy With Adjustment

A lot of the models we create in Advance Steel have objects that are replicated throughout, but the positioning or angles may be different. For example, a model containing a stair with 20 flights might have 10 different flight angles, and it can be time consuming and frustrating to set out the bolts, welds or features for all these items individually.

The Copy with Adjustment tool will solve all of the above issues and will make modelling a whole lot easier for you. The tool is located on the Advance Steel tool palette under the tools tab.

advance steel copy with adjustment 1

Click the “Copy with Adjustment” button, and the command will ask you to select the objects you want to copy. Then you need to select a reference element, which is the element you are copying from; next the command asks for a target element, which is the element you are copying to.

TIP: Each beam in Advance Steel has a start and an end, and the Copy with Adjustment tool will always copy and paste the same distance from the start of the beam, as in the diagram below

advance steel copy with adjustment 2

Check out our video below for other examples of where this tool could be used:

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