Why do my air terminals not snap to the ceiling grid in Revit?

Not all families are equal. Some families have more functionality than others. The default air terminals are a good example, they could snap to the ceiling grid but they don’t. What do we have to do to make them snap to the grid – modify the Air Terminal family.

In fact, it’s a very simple modification, we simply need to change the ‘Reference’ option of the lines defining the edge of the air terminal, then reload the family back into the Project.

Let’s have a look at the process,

• Select the Air Terminal within the Project, pick the ‘Edit Family’ option within the ribbon to activate the ‘Family Editor’.

• Change the view to Floor Level –Ref Level.

• Select at least 2 or more edges that define the perimeter (highlighted in yellow) of the air terminal.

• Change the ‘Reference’ property from ‘Not a Reference’ to ‘Strong Reference’ – this will define that the selected edges will snap to the ceiling grid.

• Load the family back into the Project using the ‘Overwrite the existing version’ option.

• To test the modification, select a mechanical ceiling view, place the revised air terminal onto a ceiling and watch it snap into the grid.

• Note, this change is not retrospective, it only applies to any new insertions of the air terminal.

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