Why Do We Set AutoCAD Drawing Units?

In this AutoCAD video lesson, we will look at why it is useful to set the drawing units of our drawings, as well as how to make units work to our advantage.

This is the third in a series of AutoCAD video lessons, so I would encourage you to view the previous videos: ‘How to Accurately Select and Place AutoCAD Geometry from One Drawing to Another’ and ‘How To Work With Drawings At Different Scales In AutoCAD’.

As we saw in the previous videos, not everyone draws at the same scale - some folk work in mm, others in cm, metres or feet & inches. When we are working with other peoples' drawings, and copying or inserting geometry from these ‘out-sourced’ drawings, it can cause all manner of difficulties, from the object not going where we expect it to be, through to being completely the wrong size; how to solve these challenges is the purpose of this series of AutoCAD video lessons.

autocad drawing units 1These focussed videos are only around 5 to 10 minutes apiece, so grab your favourite cuppa and take a break for a short while.

In this AutoCAD video lesson, we will learn how to set the units of a drawing and see how we can use that to our advantage. This includes how to extract selected geometry into a new drawing, to isolate only what we are interested in and then see how, without scaling or changing the size of other drawings we can use differently scaled drawings directly in our project so that they come in at the right size, first time.

You can watch the video now by clicking on the image below:

This series of videos was created as a follow up to one of our clients who has a Tech Support contract with Graitec, and as this lady is working in a remote part of the world, video connection tools prove invaluable, plus we can help reinforce any tips and tricks with videos like these.

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