Windows 10 Free Upgrade Ends Soon

Windows 10 was released on the 29th July 2015. When it was released, Microsoft announced that it would be available for free for one year. This means that from the 29th July 2016, you will no longer be able to upgrade to it for free and so if you want it, you need to upgrade before that date.

As always, there is a risk to upgrading an operating system so it is always advisable to do your homework and check that any other software applications and hardware (printers etc.) you are using will work with windows 10.

Most of the time everything will be fine but sometimes things can go wrong so obviously make sure you have a complete backup of you data before starting and have done your checks so you are good to go. Business users should also check with their own IT team before upgrading as well.

To take some of the risk of upgrading out of the equation, if you upgrade from windows 7 or windows 8.1 and do it “in place” e.g. an upgrade of the existing operating system, you will have the option to roll back to your previous version if you find that Windows 10 is not for you, which is a nice feature Microsoft have included.

This option can be found under settings and then under Recovery within Windows 10.

What’s New?

Apart from the look and feel of the operating systems and lot of technical back end changes there are a lot of useful features in Microsoft Windows 10 which are listed on the Microsoft Windows comparison web site if you want to have a look before upgrading.

Alternatively for a more virtual hands on experience click on the link below to go to a Microsoft Windows 10 demo which gives you a visual overview of the new platform and common features which may be of interest.