WoodEngine Add-On for Advance Steel 2017

Using the Advance Steel API the guys over at Mitek WoodEngine have developed an add-on for Advance Steel that helps the workflow between timber frame and steel work detailing.

woodengine logo plugin

The Add-On in Advance Steel allows you to convert the WoodEngine structural members to Advance Steel Beams thus reducing the need to remodel the entities. Also, included in the Add-on are extra display controls to show all beams, apply model display and convert xRef beams.

woodengine plugin menu 2 advance steel

Once the beams are converted, you can use the Advance Steel connection vault to apply connections and then produce fabrication drawings as per normal. When the details and model are completed you can simply Xref the steel model back into your WoodEngine project so that all the timber frame can be seen with the detailed steel in once BIM model.

Have a look at the below preview video for the workflow.

advance steel wood engine blog

If you require more information on the link between Advance Steel & WoodEngine, please contact Graitec today:

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