Working With PDF Files in Windows 10

Windows 10 is a great update with many enhancements and new features but some users have reported difficulty opening, printing and deleting PDF files. A new feature of Windows 10 is the new Microsoft Edge web browser which adds the ability to open PDF.

The Microsoft Edge browser is enabled by default replacing the aging Internet Explorer, although Internet Explorer 11 can still be found on the Windows start menu if needed. Both Icons look very similar, I have highlighted the Internet Explorer 11 icon, the Microsoft Edge icon is on the task bar to the left.

Working with PDF files in windows 10 Internet Explorer Icons

While the speed and ability to preview PDF in the web browser without a 3rd party app is useful for some users, it is not for everyone. If you need the ability to edit or print PDF for example, a 3rd party application is essential. Users who have upgraded from a previous version of Windows will find that Microsoft Edge is now the default application for opening PDF files.

Luckily this can be changed easily by right clicking a PDF file and using the ‘open with’ command and selecting the 3rd party application; if the 'always use this app' is checked the setting will be remembered.

Working with PDF files in windows 10 Adobe Reader Image

The same process can be used to change the default app for other windows applications too.

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