Wrapping Revit Wall Sweeps

When placing Wall Sweeps / Reveals did you know that you can wrap them around the ends of the walls and into openings?

wrapping revit wall sweeps openings

Simply select the sweep and choose Modify Returns. Then, with your cursor (which now looks like a little scalpel) pick the end profile of the sweep you wish to extend and wrap.

wrapping revit wall sweeps cornice

This will extend the sweep and also gives you a blue node (Drag Wall Sweep End), which you can drag to the required position.

wrapping revit wall sweeps skirting

You can also edit the end of sweeps such as skirting profiles and pull these back so that it shows the edge profile at door frame intersections.

NOTE: It’s sometimes easier to switch to a wireframe display for this, as you can then clearly see the geometry and snap to the right point:

wrapping revit wall sweeps skirting profile

wrapping revit wall sweeps skirting profile wireframe


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