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Dave Talbot

Export Advance Steel to Inventor STEP or IGES File Format

Workflows between different Autodesk solutions can sometimes be a bit convoluted but most people will come up with a sensible work around that ultimately gives them a solution but may be somewhat cumb...
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Nick Johns

An Overview of Shared Views in Autodesk Inventor

The ability to share a 3D model with almost anyone on practically any device makes “Shared Views” a really powerful function in Autodesk Inventor. A shared view is an online visual representation of t...
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Nick Johns

Is 5G Going to Revolutionise the Manufacturing Industry?

“Smart robots assembling products from a plethora of manufacturing lines by physically reconfiguring themselves on the factory floor” “Security drones handling monotonous tasks ranging from monitoring...
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Aleck Giles

How To Spot Changes Easily With DWG Compare In Advance Steel

Changes to our Advance Steel models are a constant factor in life. However, it is not always easy to keep track of all the differences. Perhaps your architect has sent you a new layout to work from af...
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Nick Johns

An Overview of the Autodesk Inventor Frame Generator Tool

Inventor is full of incredibly useful design tools which are aimed at increasing productivity in common manufacturing situations, one of these is the “Frame Generator”. By default, in Inventor, you wi...
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Sara Santana Herrera

Advance Design: How to Compute the Elastic Critical Load Ratio on a Steel Framework?

Challenge When analysing the stability of a steel framework, it is important to make the difference between sway and non-sway frames. A frame may be classified as non-sway if its response to in-plane ...
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Nicholas Sanders

How to Manage Connection Groups using Load Envelopes in Advance Design

When designing a steel structure, we want to group together steel connections which are likely to be of the same fabrication layout. Once grouped we can design for the ‘worst-case’ scenario – ultimate...
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Nick Johns

How to use the Unwrap Command in Autodesk Inventor

The Unwrap command in Inventor allows you to unwrap most shapes that cannot be flattened by the unfold command and saved or exported in different formats. Unwrap can be used to create a flat surface p...
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Rob Merriman

Modelling Existing Steel In Advance Steel

Not all jobs are brand-new portal frames sitting on a slab, sometimes we need to detail steelwork that connects into existing steelwork. We still want to take advantage of the checking tools inside of...
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Simon Dickinson

What's New In Revit 2020.1

Autodesk have recently released Revit  2020.1 with some great new features, and in this blog I will look at some of the best ones under the headings of Connect, Create and Optimise. Connect Sketc...
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