Microstation to AutoCAD Training

This intensive AutoCAD training course is designed to help users transition from Bentley MicroStation to AutoCAD, or users that may have to use both packages in their working environment.

Microstation-to-AutoCAD-trainingWhilst a 2D CAD packages goal is to produce technical drawings, how different packages do this can be surprisingly different at the most basic of levels. In this "hands on" course we provide practical exercises that help Microstation users learn how Autocad creates accurate detailed geometry and how it presents the geometry on to a scaled drawing.

During the course you will discover:

•  The AutoCAD User Interface.
•  Terminology Cross Reference e.g. Accusnap =Object Snap & Levels = Layers
•  Mouse Functions.
•  Windows – Zooming and Panning
•  How to enter keyboard command
•  Text
•  Dimension
•  Drawing Layouts

In addition to the above topics users will also gain knowledge of:

•  Co-ordinates
•  Basic Drawing Tools - Lines, Arc, Circles and more.
•  Drawing Modification – Move, Copy, Mirror, Rotate and more.
•  Enhanced Drawing Features – including :Hatches(Fills) & Arrays
•  Reusable Content - Blocks(Cells)
•  Drawing Management
•  Printing
• Templates (Seed Files)
•  Importing & Exporting content.

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