AutoCAD 3D Rendering and Visualisation Training

AutoCAD 3D rendering and visualisation training. Expand on ACAD's 3D Modelling capabilities and take your presentations and visualisations to the next level with photo realistic imagery with AutoCAD 3D rendering training.

Autocad-renderingAutoCAD has long since had 3D rendering capability but traditionally this has been hard to use but could produce reasonable results in the hands of a trained user. In recent years though the rendering capability of ACAD software has been massively improved and is now easier to use than ever before and can produce excellent results.

Whilst lacking in the extremely high end visualisation tools found in Autodesk's 3D Max and Maya software, businesses making use of AutoCAD's 3D modelling environment are now able to create stunning visually rich photo realistic imagery that can be used in project planning, conceptual design, architectural visualisations and supporting documentation.

AutoCAD 3D rendering training is ideally suited to experienced 3D ACAD users who may have also undertaken a 3D ACAD training course. The course duration is one day and covers the following main topics:

    • Using and applying materials
    • Material mapping and scaling
    • Lighting and light effects
    • Effective use of shadows
    • Types of rendering and effects
    • Producing presentation plots

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