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Autodesk Flex is a new pay as you go option for selected Autodesk Software titles designed to give access to occasional users who only need temporary access to software rather than a longer term subscription. 

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To take advantage of  this new pay as you go method you can simply buy tokens for casual user by following the simple process below.

Autodesk Flex Tokens are available in pre-defined bundles so are flexible to meet a variety of  needs depending on your team requirements at any given time, and each software title has a different daily token amount to reflect the type of software being used. 

If you are not sure how many tokens you want don't worry, as you could purchase a higher token bundle at a better price point and use them for up to one year (tokens expire after a year) or alternatively if you are unsure of your needs, simply purchase a small bundle to get you started and add more tokens as you need them - Either way, Graitec’s specialists can help advise you on this..

Please Note: Tokens will only be available from the 24th September.

How to buy Autodesk Flex Tokens

Tokens are currently only available to purchase from Autodesk, simply follow the steps below

step1Step 1
Buy tokens for your team.

step2Step 2
Assign users to Flex in your Autodesk Account.

step3Step 3
Use tokens whenever a Flex user opens a product.

step4Step 4
Track token use and spending.

Autodesk Flex vs Autodesk Subscription

Autodesk Flex licensing will not be the best fit for many users due to cost, but on the other hand they do provide the flexibility many customers require for some of their users and casual contractors, so all you need to do is decide the right mix for your own specific requirements.

Autodesk Flex Licensing


Best for occasional users

  • Buy tokens to access a wide range of Autodesk products.
  • Use tokens to access any product available with Flex for 24 hours at a time
  • Assign as many users as you want to Flex and manage which products they can access.

Autodesk subscription vs flex


Best for frequent users

  • Buy subscriptions to specific Autodesk products.
  • Use the product as often as you want during the subscription term.
  • Assign each subscription to a specific user; reassign the subscription as often as you need.

Autodesk Flex Software & Flex Token Pricing

Autodesk Flex is only available on selected software click to find out more

For help with deciding between Flex and Subscription licensing, installation support or software training for casual users, simply click on the link below and a member of the team will get in touch to help and advise you.

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