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Introducing iConstruct, the best BIM software for Navisworks on the market, which with its 30+ specialist tools has many ways of enhancing your model presentations with smart Clash Management functions, Model Compare, Smart IFC4 Exporter and many more tools that will help you save time and enable collaboration.

If you are a Navisworks power user, iConstruct is an absolute must have, allowing you to use Navisworks the way you want and become more productive by taking advantage of the suite of powertools it delivers, right into the heart of Navisworks

IConstruct for Navisworks Features

iConstruct Dynamic Labeler Dimension Tool Explode Tool Find Replace IconsQuantity and Quality of Navisworks Power Features

The software has a dazzling array of features, 32 in all, meaning that users will get incredible value from this software. Within this vast selection, there is great variety; from Dynamic Label, which lets the user create custom tags for items, to the Dimension Tool, which enables definitions based on geometry, and so many more, all bases are covered in terms of tools that enhance Navisworks.


iConstruct ReConstruct Icon

Teams Get More From Navisworks

Autodesk Navisworks has quite rightly gained a reputation as a robust project review application, able to process models from a range of software. However, to truly attain the maximum functionality from it is only possible with the collaboration tools of iConstruct. Features such as the ReConstruct tool, which breaks up the model into segments, mean ongoing tasks can be shared between team members within one easy to manage workflow.


iConstruct View ReportThe Best Presentation Tools on the Market

Users are looking for a powerful set of features to help them refine the massive amount of information within their analysis into presentable form. With View Report, alongside other brilliant features, users can condense work into digestible reports, so they can wow shareholders and clients with visually attractive and clear presentations.


iConstruct Export Data Append Data Audit Data and Datalinker IconsImmense Capabilities for Data Management

Features such as Export Data give the user an unprecedented level of control over their project data. They can export reports direct from their models, with object data analysed according to customisable fields. There are many more features, including Append Data, Audit Data and Datalinker which mean iConstruct can deal with the large amounts of data within Navisworks models.


iConstruct Clash Manager IconClash Manager - Outstanding Clash Management

This feature allows users to quickly find out if there any clashes in their models, and these instances can then be collated in the ReviewTrack function, so clash counts can be applied.


iConstruct Smart IFC4 Exporter IconTransfer Files with the Smart IFC4 Exporter

Smart IFC4 Exporter means BIM information can be converted to the widely-used Industry Foundation Classes format, ready to be shared with other software. There are a range of other tools which can also be used to convert file types.


iConstruct Model Compare IconModel Compare Tool for Navisworks Feature Analysis

This feature gives users the ability to compare the properties of their Navisworks models according to four categories, and is a must for those wanting to quickly contrast objects.


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Navisworks Data

One of the areas where iConstruct brings the most benefits is in Navisworks data, as it contains a range of features that can refine the massive amounts of data present in models.

One of the most important of these is Export Data, which gives the user the capability of exporting customised reports from their models. It interrogates the object data in models, before reporting on predetermined fields, to give an accurate measure of performance. Once exported, the data can be exhibited in a wide set of formats, including Excel and PDF, with the option of charts, images and tables for the most effective display.

This is a tool with great functionality, but sometimes the user may want to show more data with their items. To this end, Append Data is another extremely beneficial feature, as it allows the addition of custom data to any item in the file set. This extra data can be uploaded through a simple process, and can also be saved to the model through advanced options.

There are many more features which grant control over data. Audit Data can be used to focus on specific model information, using selection and search sets to narrow down the massive data sets of complex models. Datalinker can be used to bring information in to the Navisworks model from various external sources, which can then be exported back if necessary. The Revit Data Switchback tool means that useful information from third party reviewers can be brought back into your Revit model, so it can be quickly referred to in ongoing work.

With all of this powerful functionality for highlighting vast amounts of data, it is important to have a simplified platform for viewing and reporting. iConstruct’s easy to use Writeable Data Tab fulfils this purpose, as users can create custom tabs where data from various file formats can be consolidated.

Navisworks Clash Manager

Another area where iConstruct adds to the core functionality of Navisworks is in clash detection. This excellent Clash Manager tool is the easiest way of managing clash results; it collaborates with Clash Detective in order to highlight and organise clashes in accordance with clear guidelines, like status and level. The information garnered can be displayed with Excel or iConstruct ReviewTrack, and furthermore it is easy for the user to sort the instances by clash count.

For the best possible presentation of Clash data, which can be relevant to a large variety of project stakeholders, Clash View Reports is another important tool. It gives the user the power to create their own custom reports, with a large list of formats to choose from.

Navisworks IFC Export

Another of the useful iConstruct features is Smart IFC4 Exporter, which is an industry leading Navisworks IFC Export tool. It gives the user the capability of exporting information from their Navisworks BIM data to the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) format, which, owing to its widespread adoption, means that this data can subsequently be transferred to other construction software. The selected objects will be exported with consistent measurement units, meaning that work will not be altered by the shift.

Navisworks IFC Export 

There are several tools available in iConstruct which are ideal for transferring files to other software. One of these is the Smart DWG Exporter, a new feature which transforms Navisworks models into the widely used .dwg format, ready to be transferred to native CAD applications. Smart DWFx Exporter is a brilliant tool for those using Revit models in Navisworks, as the data from these can be placed into DWFx files, which are ideally suited to CostX and other estimation programmes.

Navisworks Model Compare

One of the most useful functionalities of the software is its capability for property comparison, which is achieved through its Navisworks Model Compare feature. This tool uses four categories to compare the geometry of objects, informing the user whether they are matching, new, deleted or unmatched in a clear colour code.

In order for batch tests to be run overnight, the BIMFlow feature is also used. This is a collaboration tool which means that users get the ability to design individual workflows, which means that many iConstruct commands can run automatically. All of the user workflows are combined within one overarching scheme, to ensure team synergy.

Navisworks Customisation

The way that iConstruct operates is conducive to the needs of multiple users; each time a user requires a tool outside of the standard options, they can configure it in accordance with their needs. This customised tool can be saved to the user’s profile, so that it can be reused in the optimised version, giving each individual control over their experience with the software.

The process of Navisworks customisation can be achieved by merely following a short process. The tools available can be found in the General Configuration tab, and once the configurator is granted access to the properties within the user’s file set, the required tool can be customised according to various attributes. There is also the option to save these settings, so that items from Navisworks can be brought over in repeatable processes.

Navisworks Enhancements

iConstruct is a comprehensive package, and it comes equipped with a huge selection of Navisworks enhancements. For instance, there is the Dynamic Label tool, which gives the user the ability to put custom tags and labels on the items in their models, which makes it possible to examine properties at first glance without selecting them.

Another brilliant feature for the analysis of a Navisworks model is the Dimension tool, which lets the user define basic dimensions in the context of geometry – an important capability, which can then be presented in reports.

Although it is useful for a project team to have the ability to create a large federalised model through the collaboration friendly features of iConstruct, they may also wish to divide the model into more manageable, smaller parts. The ReConstruct feature is ideal for this purpose, as it can break up the model according to sections or levels, so team members can focus on isolated segments.

InfoBin is the feature that manages the folder structure of iConstruct work. It makes it easy to store project work by clear distinctions, which prevents any issues arising at the handover stage, and also helps to maintain clarity within a team. Team communication can also be maintained through the Open File tool, which is an intuitively organised system for file management.

iConstruct Explode Tool ImageThere are many other strong features in iConstruct, including the simple-to-use Calculations tool, which runs as the user works, calculating based on model data. The Explode Tool gives a dissected view of individual components, which is an important functionality for achieving perfection within models. The software also contains a powerful tool for calculating and displaying a Centre of Gravity, an important process to complete before beginning site work.

All of the refinements made using this array of features can be presented in an understandable and visually appealing manner with the comprehensive View Report tool, which is the cherry on the cake cementing iConstruct’s status as the number one format for presenting Navisworks models.

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