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MillerCAD is an AutoCAD based application primarily for designing office layouts with Herman Miller furniture.


MillerCAD is a lot more than just a symbols library. It automates the workstation design process, isolating the user from Herman Miller product numbers and provides built-in quality control, preventing the designer from creating invalid product specifications.


The program is split into multiple modules covering the following Herman Miller ranges:

  1. Abak Environments (incl. AE88 Bench, AE Exchange)
  2. Action Office, AO+
  3. Ethospace/Vantage
  4. FasTrak
  5. Freestanding EMEA (incl.Alpina, Burdick)
  6. Freestanding Asia (incl.Arras, Augment)
  7. HM ltalia (incl. Abak 110, Abak 40, PAA Walls)
  8. HM for the Home
  9. Layout Studio
  10. Living Office (incl. Locale, Public Office Landscape)
  11. POSH Imagine
  12. Resolve & Resolve+
  13. Sense

All seating ranges are included, such as: Aeron,Caper,Celle,Embody,Equa 2,Foray, Harbour, Herman Miller Collection,Linea, Mirra 2, Swoop, SAYL.

All storage, table, and accessory ranges are also included such as: Everywhere tables, Meridian, Setu tables, and Stem.

The fully automated planning process is achieved using simple 3D symbols (to reduce drawing size), these have Herman Miller order code information attached which can be extracted to a specially developed external database program. This compares the items used in the drawing to Herman Miller's latest price list and generates a full product tally, including quantity, part number, description and price. You can also compare drawing revisions to produce a delta inventory report. Basic facilities management functions are also included. Finally, a feature is included to convert the planning symbols into full 3D presentation symbols, for generating perspective views and rendered images.

Designed for HM dealers, architects, interior designers, facilities management or office planning consultants.

MillerCAD integrates with the enhanced functionality of AutoCAD 2010 - 2014 and has the same familiar user interface.

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Features include:

  • 3D Visualisation of Herman Miller workstations.
  • Full Bill of Materials Take-off.
  • Includes all Herman Miller International products.
  • Includes some Herman Miller USA products (currently Resolve, carts, & Seating).
  • Includes all HM colour, material, and finish options.
  • Does not require detailed knowledge of Herman Miller products.
  • Automatic insertion of complex furniture assemblies.
  • Automatic sharing of furniture understructure.
  • User definable library of workstations and specials.

Integrating 2D and 3D

With MillerCAD you can easily produce office planning layouts in 2D with or without solid fills, and then with a simple command convert the drawing to 3D. The 3D drawings can be seamlessly exported to 3ds Max for photorealistic rendering and animation.

2dfurnitureplan1 solliedfilledplan1

2D Furniture Plan

Sollid Filled Plan

3dwireframe1 3dphotorealisticrendering1

3D Wire Frame

3D Photo Realistic Rendering

Parts lists and quotes

MillerCAD has an accompanying quoting module - MillerBase. With MillerBase you can produce product tally reports of your furniture layouts. You can also compare drawing revisions to produce a 'delta inventory' report showing new product to order, existing product to re-use, and existing product which is surplus. Reports can be output in a number of formats such as Excel and SIF, and also sent electronically to Herman Miller's EOS system. Also included is a time based stock control module, where you can manage stock in multiple warehouses, and assign jobs to take from stock.

MillerCAD Tally 2

Familiar Interface

MillerCAD exhibits the same look and feel as the world's best-selling CAD environment--AutoCAD. MillerCAD software is very easy to learn. Expert training and support is available from Graitec Training Services

System Requirements

MillerCAD is an add on to AutoCAD and does not affect the hardware compatibility of the base AutoCAD. The recommended minimum configuration needed to run the MillerCAD system is:

- Intel® Pentium® 4 or AMD Athlon® Dual Core, 3.0 GHz or higher with SSE2 technology
- At least 2Gb free disk space
- 2 Gb system RAM minimum (4Gb+ recommended)
- Microsoft Windows 7 / 8 operating system
- DVD-ROM drive
- AutoCAD release 2010 - 2014, or AutoCAD Architecture release 2010 - 2014 (2015/2016 support coming soon)
- Graphics screen and display adapter that support at least 1024 x 768 resolution true colour (128Mb or greater recommended)

More resources are available on the main MillerCAD page.

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