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powerinspect 2021 badge 256px optFusion 360 with PowerInspect provides the ideal solution for manufacturers that need a robust, complex, inspection and measurement solution that has the capability to work with multiple manual or automated measuring devices, including laser scanners and optical systems and either offline or online inspection programming.

As product and component design evolves to take advantage of the latest manufacturing technologies and processes, manufacturers need to measure ever more complex 3D shapes and improve inspection programming workflows in order to improve quality control, highlight problems early in the manufacturing process.

This will allow manufacturers to minimise long setup times, reduce human errors and by gain better real-time visibility to meet their production goals whilst avoiding expensive rework.

As businesses expand to meet new production requirements, many need to use a variety of different CMM and measurement technologies across their business environment so integrating the right inspection tools to underpin product validation and quality control on all types of measurement equipment is important to enable that flexibility in the manufacturing process.

Autodesk PowerInspect helps you to take control of your measurement and inspection across various departments and manages and controls the form, geometric and Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) measurement for any device working with Articulated Arms, Laser Scanners, Coordinate-Measuring Machines and Machine tools fitted with probes.

Collaboration and Reporting with PowerInspect

Effective collaboration and reporting is intrinsic to modern manufacturing processes and PowerInspect supports the requirement as it can also produce a report at the end of measuring via HTML or excel and CAD view images can also be added to the report giving a visual representation of the measurements.

Additionally, you can share 3D inspection reports internally or externally, allowing multiple stakeholders to instantly gain access to data required to make assessments on product quality.

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PowerInspect Benefits Summary:

PowerInspect software offers an extensive inspection, validation, and quality control management for all measurement equipment delivering “On Machine Verification” capability ensure that production times are significantly reduced by leveraging existing machine tools for in-process inspection whilst saving time when inspecting complex parts and ensuring stakeholders can access results anytime from an internet-enabled device.

  • Minimise long set up times that compromise machine productivity and overall plant capacity.
  • Save money by highlighting problems early in the manufacturing process.
  • Reduce failing with human errors and gain better real time visibility.
  • Complex 3D shapes can now be measured with greater quality control.
  • Make inspecting large, complex, and layered parts simpler.

To find out more about PowerInspect or how Autodesk “Make” technology could help improve your manufacturing processes click on the button below and a member of the manufacturing team will get in touch.


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