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Autodesk subscription is becomiong central for most users, and is the most efficient and cost effective way to maintain you Autodesk software investment, and to get access to a whole host of extra functionality by the way of software extensions, as well as access to other cutting edge technology such as Autodesk 360 cloud services.

This category of our website deals with Autodesk Subscription support and other subscription information. If you would like to buy Autodesk Subscription please give us a call on 023 8086 8947 to speak to a consultant and to secure the best Autodesk subscription price.


Subscribe to Autodesk

Autodesk has launched new subscription plans that are based on people and retiring plans based on serial numbers. Like most Saas providers, plans are designed for named users and provide a range of administrative, support, and reporting capabilities matched to your business needs. To help customers transition from Multi-User Access Subscriptions and Maintenance Plans, Autodesk has announced trade-in schemes which will commence 7th August 2020.

Overview Video: Moving to Plans for People

  • Dedicated access for all employees whenever they need it. No more downtime because all your licences are in use.
  • New ways to optimise licensing costs. New named plans will allow you to have visibility into your usage data allowing you to make smarter investments for your company.
  • Plans for individuals, teams and enterprises with dedicated or flexible software access, depending on how your company works.
  • You will no longer have to manage network servers or track anonymous serial numbers.

We will provide you with the best trade-in path to a named user subscription experience at your first renewal date if you have a network maintenance plan or multi-user subscription, after August 7th 2020.

Current Offering Expiration Date Action at Renewal
Network maintenance plan Between May 7 - August 7, 2020 Trade-in one network maintenance seat for one subscription with multi-user access through maintenance trade-in offer
Network maintenance plan After August 7, 2020 Trade-in one network maintenance seat for two standard subscriptions through multi-user trade-in offer
Multi user-subscription After August 7, 2020 Trade-in one multi-user subscription for two standard subscriptions through multi-user trade-in offer

Partnering in your success

If you want to find out more about subscribing to an Autodesk product or discuss current license queries please contact your local Graitec office today, or click the button below to request a quote or more information and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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*The renewal SRP for standard subscriptions obtained through this offer will increase by no more than 5% in 2021, 2023, 2025, and 2027 – with no changes in SRP for 2022, 2024, 2026 and 2028. Savings of 3-year subscriptions is compared to the SRP for 3 consecutive, annual subscriptions.

This offer is available at the time of maintenance and multi-user subscription plan renewal. Multi-user or network maintenance customers may trade in at the first renewal only, after May 7, 2020, one multi-user subscription or network maintenance seat for two standard subscriptions for one named user each. At the second (and any subsequent) renewal (during term of offer), trade-in one multi-user subscription discounted through the Move to Subscription or one network maintenance seat for one standard subscription for one named user. This offer may not be combined with other rebates or promotions and is void where prohibited or restricted by law. The offer is subject to specific terms and conditions that will be published and available in advance of offer availability. Subscription program and benefits may vary and are subject to the applicable terms and conditions and/or terms of service. Actual retail price is determined by your reseller and is subject to currency fluctuation. Autodesk is not liable to provide any retroactive discounts due to exchange rate risk, or for purchases made through resellers. Pricing is subject to product/offering availability.

Autodesk makes software and services available on a licensed or subscription basis. Rights to install, access, or otherwise use Autodesk software and services (including free software or services) are limited to license rights and services entitlements expressly granted by Autodesk in the applicable license or service agreement and are subject to acceptance of and compliance with all terms and conditions of that agreement. When you subscribe to a plan, it may renew automatically for a fixed fee on a monthly or annual basis, subject to availability. All benefits and purchase options may not be available for all software or services in all languages and/or geographies. Access to cloud services requires an Internet connection and is subject to any geographical restrictions set forth in the Terms of Service.

Channel partners are independent and free to set their own prices. Channel partner prices may vary. Advertised discounts and savings are based on the Autodesk Suggested Retail Price (excluding taxes) for specified product. Autodesk’s Suggested Retail Price is used for reference purposes only and may not be in local currency. Actual retail price is determined by customer’s selected reseller and is subject to currency fluctuation.

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Subscribe to Autodesk

As of February 2016, Autodesk changed the way customers can purchase their software.  Perpetual licences are no longer available and as such Autodesk now offer their software as a subscription licence only.

Meaning the initial start-up cost to use an Autodesk product is more cost-effective than ever. Subscribing gives you, the customer, more flexibility in terms of product, term length and deployment.

The following choices are now available:


Single-User License
Licenses for an individual/single-user. These licenses cannot be shared, must be assigned to a single named user only and can be installed on multiple devices at any one time. 


Multi-User License
These licenses can be shared by multiple users or devices, e.g. a network server. Perfect for larger companies or to share a license.

Once you've chosen this, you will then need to decide on the term length. With three flexible options to choose from: Monthly, Annually or 3 year, you can pick the one that is best for you and/or your business.


Term Lengths - Monthly, annually and 3 year.

Flexible Licensing – Having three different subscription terms is a massive benefit because it means you no longer have to purchase a product outright. Instead, you can determine how long you’ll need the software for and then make your decision based on that. The most cost effective subscription for long term subscribers will be the 3 year plan.

For more information on the benefits you’ll enjoy for the term of your subscription. Please see below.

So what are the benefits of subscribing to Autodesk?

As well as access to the products you will receive the following benefits associated with an Autodesk Subscription.


Latest Product Releases
If a new product is released within the term of your subscription contract, you will have instant access to this. Not only does this allow you to keep your software current, which is a massive bonus in all industries, but it also means that you can keep budgeting costs to a minimum, as you aren’t having to invest in new software versions.

Furthermore, there aren’t any restrictions on when products have to be updated, you can update the latest version straight away or wait for a more convenient time for your business.


Previous Version Rights
With subscription you have access to previous versions of most Autodesk software. If you are working on a project where you need an older version, then simply head over to your Autodesk Account and download the version you need.

Read more here.


Home Use Rights (Multi-User License)
Do you work from home, or have employees in your business that do? Then with this great benefit, software (both current and previous versions) can be installed onto home computers, meaning you never need to worry about additional licenses for different locations for the same user.

Full details are available here.


Global Travel Rights
Travel around the UK or globally and still have access to your Important Autodesk Software. What’s even better is that you still also have access to the Autodesk Services that are part of subscription e.g. Cloud and A360.

Find out more about Global travel Rights.


Administrative Tools
When you subscribe to an Autodesk product you don’t have to worry about complicated software installs, thanks to a simplified software setup. Furthermore, with administrative tools you will easily be able to manage other aspects of your licenses via your Autodesk Account.


Technical Support
With technical support you can get your software issues resolved in no time at all. Basic support is included for most products and suites and you get online support from Autodesk specialists via web and email.

There is also advance community forum capabilities. If you receive no response from the community within a 24 hour time frame then you can escalate your post to an Autodesk support specialist.


Cloud Benefits | Cloud Credits | Cloud Storage
As a subscriber you’ll receive access to a number of cloud benefits. Not only will you get 25GB of storage but you’ll also get a number of cloud credits too. Furthermore, other cloud services are also available such as rendering depending on your type of subscription or software package.

Click here for more information on cloud credits.

If you want to find out more about subscribing to an Autodesk product or discuss current license queries please contact your local Graitec office today, or click the button below to request a quote or more information and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Maintenance Plan

Please note that Maintenance Subscription Plan is now referred to as Maintenance Plan.  This is an annual renewal placed on your perpetual licences that gives you access to all the benefits listed above.  Late renewals are no longer permitted by Autodesk and can only be renewed for 12 months at a time.


Autodesk Subscription FAQ's

Autodesk Subscription FAQ's

The Autodesk subscription center is the main hub to manage Autodesk software, access software upgrades and software extensions, so it's quite important to make sure users and subscription contract managers have access to this and also understand exactly how it works.

Listed below are some common frequently asked questions which may also be of help in addition to our 

Subscription FAQ's

Question: How do I access the Autodesk Subscription Center?

Question: How do I download Autodesk software?

Question: I need to download an upgrade but I am not the Contract Manager. How can I found out who is our Contract manager?

Question: I need to get physical media for my Autodesk software. How do I request physical media from Autodesk?

Question: How do I get a home user license for my Autodesk Software?

If you have any further questions please give us a call.

Inventor Optimization Using 360 Cloud Services

In the world of digital prototyping detailed stress analysis is essential to ensure products are fit for purpose and neither over or under engineered.

Traditionally stress analysis and part optimisation has been carried out on a typical CAD Workstation which generally ties up the workstation for many hours on the one hand or alternatively causes a bottleneck in the design cycle, especially if multiple iterations need validating.

The video above demonstrates using Inventor 360 optimization services.

Autodesk 360 cloud services in the form of Inventor Optimization allow designers to calculate values in the cloud taking advantage of huge computing power and a myriad of processors, meaning that you will be able to obtain results faster and explore numerous design iterations in less time than it would take your desktop machine to do one.

This is turn allows product and engineers to create more cost effective design in less time ensuring a quicker time to market, and means companies do not necessarily need to invest in very expensive CAD workstations in order to improve their productivity.

To find out more about using Autodesk 360 cloud services there are few more links below or alternatively give us a call on 023 8086 8947 to discuss your mechanical modelling requirements or to arrange for a process review.

Autodesk 360 Energy Analysis Using Green Building Studio

Autodesk Green Building Studio is an Autodesk 360 energy analysis tool in the cloud enabling construction professionals to quickly measure and analyse key building performance data allowing them to ascertain a buildings carbon footprint and potential energy use.

Available for customer on Autodesk subscription as part of Autodesk 360 cloud services, green building studio takes maximum advantage of cloud computing power by delivering results in minutes from data uploaded directly from Autodesk Revit software.

Being able to quickly analyse potential design scenarios in the cloud helps users explore different design concepts and minimise carbon footprints very early in the design process saving valuable time and helping them deliver more sustainable Architectural projects.

In the first of two videos we'll look at using Autodesk 360 energy analysis tools and how green building studio can deliver initial results for assessment.

In this second video we'll demonstrate how to look at design alternatives by adjusting key building variables.

If you would like more information about Autodesk 360 cloud services additional links are provided on the left hand menu or alternatively please give us a call on 023 8086 8947 to discuss your requirements further.

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