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Autodesk 360 cloud services are at the forefront of the cloud revolution which has been brewing in the background for quite a few years now. But for many the cloud still remains a bit of a mystery which naturally raises questions such as what is the cloud, and how does it work for me?

Autodesk 360 empowers companies to maximise business efficiencies in a whole manner of ways from taking advantage of massive computing power outside of the budget of many small businesses, to enabling organisations workflows to take maximum advantage of the flexibility of mobile platforms and on demand, anytime anywhere access to essential design, construction and project documentation. 

This section of our website has been designed to help educate companies and consumers of digital information on what Autodesk 360 really is and what Autodesk's 360 cloud services can do for you through a series of instructional videos.

At the end of video series you'll be able to visualise or at the very least have a base understanding of why Autodesk 360 represents such a great value proposition and addition to your subscription benefits, but more importantly they will start to give you a vision of how 360 cloud services can help your business grow or drive efficiencies.

The cloud can essentially be described as a massive bank of computers, but that is only the beginning of the story, so this first video will introduce you to the vision of cloud computing.

In the second video we'll take a closer look at Autodesk 360 and working with documents in the cloud with applications like AutoCAD Revit® and Autodesk Inventor software, as well as setting up your 360 cloud account and working with online storage and files.

The third in this video series covers using your 360 cloud services in greater detail as well as exposing you to some of the further productivity tools available in the cloud as part of your Autodesk subscription.

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