Autodesk 360 Energy Analysis Using Green Building Studio

Autodesk Green Building Studio is an Autodesk 360 energy analysis tool in the cloud enabling construction professionals to quickly measure and analyse key building performance data allowing them to ascertain a buildings carbon footprint and potential energy use.

Available for customer on Autodesk subscription as part of Autodesk 360 cloud services, green building studio takes maximum advantage of cloud computing power by delivering results in minutes from data uploaded directly from Autodesk Revit software.

Being able to quickly analyse potential design scenarios in the cloud helps users explore different design concepts and minimise carbon footprints very early in the design process saving valuable time and helping them deliver more sustainable Architectural projects.

In the first of two videos we'll look at using Autodesk 360 energy analysis tools and how green building studio can deliver initial results for assessment.

In this second video we'll demonstrate how to look at design alternatives by adjusting key building variables.

If you would like more information about Autodesk 360 cloud services additional links are provided on the left hand menu or alternatively please give us a call on 023 8086 8947 to discuss your requirements further.

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