Autodesk Subscription FAQ's

Autodesk Subscription FAQ's

The Autodesk subscription center is the main hub to manage Autodesk software, access software upgrades and software extensions, so it's quite important to make sure users and subscription contract managers have access to this and also understand exactly how it works.

Listed below are some common frequently asked questions which may also be of help in addition to our 

Subscription FAQ's

Question: How do I access the Autodesk Subscription Center?

Question: How do I download Autodesk software?

Question: I need to download an upgrade but I am not the Contract Manager. How can I found out who is our Contract manager?

Question: I need to get physical media for my Autodesk software. How do I request physical media from Autodesk?

Question: How do I get a home user license for my Autodesk Software?

If you have any further questions please give us a call.

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