Inventor Optimization Using 360 Cloud Services

In the world of digital prototyping detailed stress analysis is essential to ensure products are fit for purpose and neither over or under engineered.

Traditionally stress analysis and part optimisation has been carried out on a typical CAD Workstation which generally ties up the workstation for many hours on the one hand or alternatively causes a bottleneck in the design cycle, especially if multiple iterations need validating.

The video above demonstrates using Inventor 360 optimization services.

Autodesk 360 cloud services in the form of Inventor Optimization allow designers to calculate values in the cloud taking advantage of huge computing power and a myriad of processors, meaning that you will be able to obtain results faster and explore numerous design iterations in less time than it would take your desktop machine to do one.

This is turn allows product and engineers to create more cost effective design in less time ensuring a quicker time to market, and means companies do not necessarily need to invest in very expensive CAD workstations in order to improve their productivity.

To find out more about using Autodesk 360 cloud services there are few more links below or alternatively give us a call on 023 8086 8947 to discuss your mechanical modelling requirements or to arrange for a process review.

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