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10 AutoCAD 2D Drawing Techniques for the Tricky Bits

10 AutoCAD 2D Drawing Techniques for the Tricky Bits Webinar

Drawing some components to exact sizes can sometimes cause us to stop and think more than we want to. Here are ten tips for drawing lots of things, including the kitchen sink!

  • Drawing an arc in the direction you want to.
  • Drawing an arc to a specific arc length.
  • Quickly draw equilateral (same length, same angle) triangles, the easy way.
  • Mirroring, drawing or moving objects to positions halfway between other objects when there is no reference geometry to use; without drawing, temporary construction lines that you must remember to delete!
  • Too many objects snap to pick the right one, how to focus in on just the type of OSnap you need without switching off your usual default set.
  • How to move doors, windows or similar to new positions along a wall without the need for additional trimming, extending, or other tidying-up techniques, move it.
  • How to quickly copy an item multiple times so that it automatically fits into a defined space.
  • Drawing circles directly into corners, no need to draw and move them afterwards into place.
  • One for the engineers, setting up drawings with relative parts, e.g. Hole distance to edge at 1.5xDiameter etc. Time for Parametric design.
  • And finally, the kitchen sink, creating complex shapes.

Webinar Host – Greg Benson Shettle
Date – 15/10/2021
Time – 10.00am – 11.00am

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