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AutoCAD Civil 3D – Understanding Alignments

AutoCAD Civil 3D Understanding Alignments Webinar

Alignments are our 2D Geometry in Civil 3D, and we can do a lot with them. This Webinar is aimed at the new and novice user of Civil 3D who wants to understand Alignments.

In the webinar, we will be looking at everything you need to know to convert AutoCAD lines and arcs to an Alignment right through to designing full alignment geometry based on design standards. After attending, you will identify Fixed, Floating or Free geometry and understand Parabolic Curves and Transitional geometry. You will also be able to generate offset alignments and connected alignments, all dynamic, so if you change a centre line, the offsets and connected alignments all stay together.

  • Converting AutoCAD Geometry
  • Drawing Alignments with the Alignment toolbar
  • Creating Offset Alignments
  • Creating Connected Alignments

Webinar Host – Ian Robinson
Date – 30/09/2021
Time – 2.00pm – 3.00pm

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