Autodesk Software – It’s time to make the move!!!

28th May 2012 - If you have older versions of Autodesk software that you have not yet put on subscription, then now is literally the time to make the move!

Autodesk have announced a range of promotions that give users very substantial savings on upgrade pricing or crossover on to the Autodesk Suites of software, and in addition now is the time to make the move to multi - year subscription packages as well due to the announced future changes to the Autodesk's multi-year pricing strategy.

For companies whose subscription renewals fall in the mid/later part of the year Autodesk are also offering a concession for early renewal to ensure exisitng users are also able to take advantage of these offerings.

More information on these offers is detailed on our blog and also on our special offers page, or alternatively give us a call and one of the sales team will be happy to advise. 

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