CAD Workstations Versus Personal Computers

It can be argued that a CAD workstation or a mobile workstation is no different than a standard Pc or personal computer, however while this is indeed true to the uninitiated and at first glance, it is far from the truth when you start to compare off the shelf computer vs workstation computers

Cad-Workstation-vs-pcThe problem here is that unless your are familiar with CAD workstations and the requirements of the software that runs on them, it is very easy to make a costly mistake and buy totally the wrong system.

Comparing a CAD Workstation to a personal Pc is a bit like comparing a sports car with a standard family saloon i.e. they both have a 2.0 litre engine, they both have suspension, they both have 4 wheels and of course 4 tyres and brakes, so it is easy to assume they are the same.

We all understand however that this is not the case! A sports car will be tuned better and configured for performance (so will a CAD workstation), it will have better and more robust components (the same with a CAD workstation), it will have better cooling and better airflow (common with workstations) and the engine will produce more power.

CAD Workstations - What's The Difference

Exactly the same analogy applies when comparing a clone pc or gaming pc vs workstation computer, or a generic laptop with a mobile workstation, and without getting too technical here you need to go down to component level and configuration to really understand the difference.

So in order to explore this concept a little further and in greater detail we will now cover some essential differences between a workstation Pc and a standard computer in the CAD workstations - what's the difference section.

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