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Cad Workstations for Autodesk Revit

With the growth and complexity of BIM software such as Autodesk Revit Software continuing to expand due to ongoing software development real life system requirements continue to grow, so choosing the best CAD workstation for Revit will help boost user productivity and ensure you have room for expansion or future software developments.

Graitec have been supplying computer workstations, mobile CAD workstations and laptops to clients in the Architectural, Engineering and construction sector using a range of Autodesk and other computationally intensive 2D and 3D CAD software applications for over three decades.

Building your own workstation can be time consuming for companies. Graitec are here to help reduce this time and to help you avoid any costly mistakes in choosing the hardware that will be are the core of your user’s daily workflows.

The best workstation for Autodesk Revit will be a carefully balanced system and HP’s Z CAD workstation range is designed to fit the bill even if operational requirements means running 24/7 for demanding computational tasks such as rendering or Building design analysis.

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Best Computer Processor for Revit

Intel Xeon ImageWhile more and more features in Revit can take advantage of a processor containing multiple cores, many of the primary features are still single threaded so in most cases purchasing multiple processors would be a waste of budget.

Our recommended Revit Workstation specification ensures you have the power and stability needed at a sensible price point for heavy computational tasks, whilst having multiple cores to take advantage of Autodesk Revit’s multithreaded capabilities such as opening and saving Revit files, loading elements into memory for the first time, point cloud data display etc.

Due to the support for ECC memory our primary recommended Revit CAD workstation configuration utilises the tried and tested Intel Xeon Processor range as this is important for data stability.
However, if you have a preference for i7 processors, we can also supply CAD workstations with this configuration.

Recommended Revit Workstation RAM/Memory

HP Workstation RAM and Memory ImageData stability is a pre-requisite when working with large or even small complex Revit data-sets or point cloud data, so Xeon based HP CAD workstations utilise error checking and correcting (ECC) memory modules.
ECC memory delivers data stability and integrity, and helps protect against memory errors introducing corrupt information into any Revit model data or other data resident in computer memory.

Insufficient memory can seriously impact Autodesk Revit performance and other applications running at the same time, for example other Autodesk or CAD software or even additional applications you might have open while using Revit such as Microsoft Office, web browsers etc.

Our recommended Revit workstation specs ensure you have a sensible amount of memory from the outset and have room for expansion if your project size changes in the future. But if you plan to work with large data sets from the outset this can be upgraded at point of purchase if required.

Recommended Graphics Cards for Revit

Nvidia cad workstation Graphics Cards ImageOne of the big draws of using Revit is the ability to visualize and work with your model in the viewport. From here you have control over the visual style of your model able to change the transparency, lighting and line styles.

These features heavily rely on the Graphics card to work properly and if a suitably powerful graphics card is not used it can lead to performance issues with larger models.

Our Revit workstations utilise cutting edge mid-range Nvidia Quadro graphic cards so are suitable for medium to large Revit datasets and meet most user’s requirements. We can also specify lower or higher specification cards card if you have a preference.

High Performance Storage for Revit

HP Z Turbo DriveTraditional workstations often incorporated spinning platter hard drives and more recently Solid State drives (SSD’s) however our Revit workstations incorporate HP’s Z turbo hard drive technology raising the bar on hard drive performance.

These are becoming the preferred solution for Autodesk software and gives extra speed performance with these high intensive applications so pulling large Revit Data sets or other large data files is now much faster than ever before radically reducing waiting times for data to load.

Not only do they offer twice the performance of SSD hard drives but they reduce boot up, calculation and graphics response times.

Warranty and Support

Despite being manufactured to high standards with high quality components, Workstation components can still fail. To avoid downtime it is well worth investing in comprehensive Hardware Warranty that can cover all your bases.

All our Revit workstations include a 3 year HP warranty and further hardware or Autodesk software IT support services are available from our dedicated team.

For more information on Graitec Workstations or Graitec IT services simply contact your local office or click on the link below.

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