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Issue 4 of Mechanical Tips & Tricks

Welcome to this month's Graitec Mechanical ‘Tips and Tricks’ newsletter. We have produced this with you our Clients, in mind. Our aim is to regularly pass on helpful Tips and Tricks on Autodesk Mechanical Software products. We will try and keep this document full of useful and relevant information for you but if you want to make some suggestions on the content, drop us a line and we will do our best to include your requests. 

Please take the time to look at the contents of this Newsletter, you never know, the answer to something that is puzzling you today may be right here.

This Months Tips & Tricks Focus Is On: Sketching in a 3 axis

How can you sketch in all 3 axis (X,Y,Z) & then create new geometry relative to existing model data?

Solution: Use the ‘3D Sketch’ and utilise the ‘Precise Redefine’ tool When using the ‘3D Sketch’ tool it is possible to draw new geometry in any of the three axis by specifying co-ordinates or alternatively restricting the cursor movement to the three fixed planes (YZ, XZ & XY) per object e.g. line created.

The following example shows utilising the ‘3D Sketch’ to create a shelf guard using these methods.

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Sometimes however, it is a requirement to be able to ‘3D Sketch’ and position objects relative to other geometry already created. In order to do this, utilise the ‘Precise Redefine’ tool available within the ‘3D Sketch’ dialog box. In the following example, no knowledge of existing dimensional information is required. The handrail has to simply follow the existing solid reference at 1.5M above the existing level.

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