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Issue 9 of Mechanical Tips & Tricks

Welcome to this month's Graitec Mechanical ‘Tips and Tricks’ newsletter. We have produced this with you our Clients, in mind. Our aim is to regularly pass on helpful Tips and Tricks on Autodesk Mechanical Software products. We will try and keep this document full of useful and relevant information for you but if you want to make some suggestions on the content, drop us a line and we will do our best to include your requests. Please take the time to look at the contents of this Newsletter, you never know, the answer to something that is puzzling you today may be right here.

This Months Tips & Tricks Focus Is On:

Creating your own toolbar

Can I create my own toolbar in Inventor?

Solution: Yes, utilize Inventors customization interface tool to create your own personalised toolbar.

To create your toolbar select Tools>Customize, and then click the Toolbars tab, click new and enter the toolbar name in the dialog box, click ok or press enter to accept. Your tool bar will then appear near the top left of the screen, to select the features you want to use click the commands tab. In the categories list click the command category you want, position your new toolbar near the customization dialog box, drag and drop the features required onto the new tool bar. You can also copy existing toolbars and add and remove features from them to suit your own needs, an example of this would be to copy and modify the sketch and part features panel and attach them to your top toolbar to increase the view of your model browser.

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