Graitec Virtual Reality Services

Virtual Reality Services

The Graitec Virtual Reality services team can create fully customised VR productions for multiple industry sectors delivering the ultimate immersive VR experience.
By utilising model data from Revit, Inventor, 3ds Max, Advance Steel or any other 3D package we can create amazing VR projects using the latest cutting edge game engine technology to bring your models, products, buildings or even virtual world to life.
VR enables clients, prospects or even design teams to experience their projects from a first person view at a 1:1 scale so they can fully immerse themselves in the project, gain a realistic understanding of size and space and understand where existing geometry works or needs further design to deliver the highest quality project to the end customer.

Using bespoke virtual reality production workflows, we create fully immersive experiences using HTC vive’s head mounted display and VR motion controllers.

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Some of the sectors and uses for VR are outlines here:

Virtual Reality in Structural Steel Projects

With our depth of knowledge in the 3D Cad industry we have now the ability to bring an Autodesk Advance Steel model straight into an environment and walk around the entire structure using a teleport system.

This gives the customer or prospective client the advantage of seeing from a human’s eye level how the structure will look before being built. This is a great way to interrogate the model or see it in the intended environment, also it’s a great way to understand special awareness that you can’t get from simply seeing the model on a computer screen.

Virtual Reality in Manufacturing

Virtual Reality Car SceneOur VR team’s specially developed product scene is designed so that any model can be brought into the environment.
The user can walk up to the item and pick it up, spin it around in their hand to get a good look at all the detail. We can even explode the model allowing viewers to see all the individual parts in a true 3D space.

Custom menu systems can be configured so the user can bring up a list of additional components and import them to the scene as well as being able to change colours and material by the touch of a button on the hand controls.
Another great use of VR is with be-spoke products, the designer can now show the customer a car for example and configure the interior, wheels and colour etc. to the customer’s requirements before the manufacturing process begins. It’s like having a showroom in the office.

Virtual Reality in Architecture

Virtual Reality in Architecture imageImagine what you could achieve with VR in the architectural space? Explore your architectural project in full size. Use a teleport system to navigate an entire model, if you or your client don’t like the wood floor change it to tiles with one click. Add in furniture and arrange it to specified requirements. Discuss and review interior design features or for space planning, the user can easily see if a ceiling is a bit too low and make the necessary changes to maximise light and space.

VR can also be utilised in the BIM workflows by importing models from various disciplines merging them together and checking for clashes in real-time.

Sometimes the traditional methodology of producing images or renders on a screen or even a 3D flythrough just don’t give the you the sense of the final design. With VR you are literally walking around inside the building making changes and seeing from eye view just what it will look like once complete.

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